FSN Rookie of the Year

The ORIGINAL Rookie of the Year – Cleopatra – Egyptian Pharoahe – 69 B.C.

A flamboyant archeologist known worldwide believes he has identified the site where Cleopatra is buried.

Well pardon me for not throwing a party.  I’m pretty sure history tells us that thousands of dudes, including Julius F’n Caesar and Mark Anotony, already found that particular Pharaoh’s Tomb. If you know what I’m saying.

Cleopatra CREATED the Power of the Pussy.  Seriously Caesar ran pretty much all of the Discovered World and was SO whipped he let her run Egypt.  Mark Antony put her face on gold f’n coins.  Now THAT is putting the Pussy on a Pedestal.

So she must have just been a complete smokeshow, right?  Apparently, FSN.  Historians Wikipedia says “what ultimately made Cleopatra attractive was her wit, charm and “sweetness in the tones of her voice”.’

Well it’s not rocket science, Nation.  Read between the lines and connect the dots…

Cleopatra invented the Blow Job.

For Sure Cleopatra


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