Par Mates are extremely attractive and outgoing young ladies / girl caddies that will keep the golfers company during their round and help with course arrangements like orientation, introduction to course personnel, call in food and beverage orders, maintaining scorecards, shopping assistance in the golf shop and other services designed to replicate the five-star assistance provided by major hotel staff. They’ll even repair divots, fix ball marks, clean balls, clean clubs and help with yardage, ball flight and obstacles. Additionally they will serve as your personal hostesses during the round to eliminate any hassles or drudgeries and make the experience more pleasant, enjoyable and fun.

It’s not rocket science, folks.  It’s really not.

If there is one thing guys like its golfing.  If there’s two things, it’s golfing and drinking.  And if there is a third thing, it’s having a SMOKESHOW serve you said  drinks while golfing.

You know what is a real “hassle and drudgery” in my book?  Playing golf and NOT being surrounded by hookers simultaneously.  Thanks to Par Mates, thats all been eliminated!

I’ll be in my Happy Place FOREVER!:

FS Happy Place

FS Winning the Masters Because of Par Mates

~ Shout out to Dermy for the link


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