FSN Radiers Safety
FSN NFL Player

Pop Quiz Hotshot:

What does a cracked out Mickey Mouse, a Bad Ass Commando Guy holding some huge gun, and Super Mario riding a flying Tyrannosaurus Rex with Nike sneakers all have in common?

This is all the shit that comes up when you search Google images for Mike Mitchell

J Christ not even the Registry knows who the fuck this guy is.

New Raiders safety Mike Mitchell wasn’t considered good enough to go to the NFL combine, but by Saturday’s draft, he was good enough to get drafted in the second round.

Mel Kiper had him as the 73rd best SAFETY in the draft.  Not the 73rd best football player overall, the 73rd best safety. Mel projected him to be a POSSIBLE undrafted free agent, not even a priority one.

Al Davis did a Google Search for “Mike Mitchell” and Google came back with “Did You Mean: One of the 72 Safeties Better than Mike Mitchell?”

Al Davis was like “FSN, Google.  ‘I’m Feeling Lucky.’”

Oh but don’t worry they hit it out of the park with their first round pick fsn.  They drafted the best 2nd best 3rd best 4th best available Wide Reciever, which of course included passing on Michael Crabtree.

Ladies and Gentleman your Oakland Raiders!

Predicted to come in 73rd place out of a possible 32.

For Sure NOT Al Davis


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