LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Comedy writer Andrea Wachner hated the idea of going to her 10-year high school reunion so much that she hired a stripper to go instead, and what followed, she says, was a comical study in human nature.

She hired Amy Bernadette “Cricket” Russell, whom she met at a Los Angeles strip club, to impersonate her. Cricket showed up in a slinky dress, fishnet hose and spike heels.

As the drinks flowed, Cricket’s clothes came off, and Wachner watched from a hotel room above the event, linked to her impersonator via wireless radio, TV cameras and a monitor.

Wachner coached Cricket through the night, telling her the names of people she met and providing her with little secrets that only Wachner and her former classmates would know.

Snake It Till You Make It.

If you think that me and my boy Blockhead are not going to my Ten Year High School Reunion dressed like this:

For SURE Swayze and Farley

You must be OUT of your mind.

Can you find a picture with two funnier faces than that?

For Sure NOT

~ Shout out to P Mac for the link


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