FSN Throwback of the Day

Here’s an old family video of me enjoying one of my favorite childhood toys.

Throwback of the Day – Slip N Slide.

Slip N Slide is maybe be the most simplistic toy of all time.  It’s a strip of wet plastic.

I feel like there were two types of people in this world.  You were either a Slip N Slide person:


Or, you were a Crocodile Mile kid:

FSN Crocodile Mile

“You Run! You Slide! You hit the bump, and take a dive!”

Crocodile Mile was for extravagant assholes of the neighborhood.  It was for the rich kids who felt they needed to simulate being chased by crocodiles in order to slide down wet plastic.  It had the “Boomerang Bump” that supposedly acted like a ramp and sent you flying into the splash pool.  In reality it was just a lump at the end of the strip that hurt my dick, and then a puddle to land in.

F Crocodile Mile.  Slip N Slide was the blue collar water slide.  No splash pools, no ramps.  Just basically a long yellow garbage bag hosed down with water.

My favorite memory of Slip N Slide was just being COVERED in grass after sliding off the end of strip.

And I also remember my ultimate fear of Slip N Slide, the Dry Slide.

If you’re gonna Slip N Slide, you gotta Get Wet Stay Wet.



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