A woman who was given an Anti Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) banning her from making too much noise during sex has been arrested by police for breaching the order – just two days after it was imposed. Caroline Cartwright was served the anti-social behaviour order on Friday after magistrates found her guilty of breaking an initial noise abatement order. But by Sunday the 47-year-old had already breached the terms of her Asbo and was arrested by police officers.

In the immortal words of Kevin McCallister – “Buzz, you’re girlfriend- WOOF.”

‘I’m not going to stop,’ she said. ‘I’ve been making the same noises since the Asbo was imposed, and this morning, we were making noises for three hours.

‘I can’t stop making noise during sex, it’s unnatural to not make any noises, and I don’t think that I’m particularly loud.”

Whenever I see a story like this, I wish it wasn’t accompanied by photos.  Or, I wish it was accompanied by fake photos.

This article would have been 150,000% better if the picture at the top of the article was this:

FS Miss Hourglass

(Photo courtesy of thedanzatap.com)

Imagine if this story was about THIS chick basically getting a court order to stop getting F’d, but she can’t help it?  Much Better.

Miss O’Connor [the neighbor] told the court that when she first moved into the flat, in November 2007, the noise started at midnight and lasted until 3am.

Now, she said, the noise started at about 6.30am and lasted until 9am.

Environmental Health officer Pamela Spark told the court she had listened to 23 recordings of the couple having sex.

Ok so who’s worse: the people having loud sex or the neighbors RECORDING the people having loud sex?

FS Neighbors

~ Shout out to BC for the link


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