FSN Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year – Reno “Sable” Merowitz – WWF Diva – 1996

When I look at Sable now, I think of Wilt Chamberlain.  What, you don’t see the resemblance?

For Sure 20,000

For Sure Sable

FSN.  But hear me out.  I look at pictures of Sable now from back in the late 90s and she doesn’t look that hot (this pic here is by far the best I found)  I think to myself, if Sable was in the spot light nowadays, could she really compete with the Megan Fox’s, Marissa Miller’s, and Adriana Lima’s of the world?  Would her issue of Playboy actually be the highest selling issue ever, like it was back in 1999?

It’s like when NBA Fans argue about just how dominant Wilt The Stilt really was.  If he played in the 80’s and 90’s against Kareem, Shaq, Ewing, shit even just some bad ass motherfuckers like Bill Lambieer and other guys who were like 6’10, would he really be considered the best big man ever?

Well you know what, Wilt didn’t play then.  He played in the 60’s when the league was a bunch of tiny Jews.  So you know what?  He did shit like average 50.4 pts and 25.7 rebs per game in the ‘61-‘62 Season, and in turn he gets to be considered the Most Dominant Ever by the majority of fans.

So, in order to look at Sable in the same light, you gotta look at her era.  There wasn’t nearly as much competition.  Think about it – the internet hadn’t blown up yet, and most common households had normal cable TV – no 500 channel packages.  If you were one of the lucky kids you had late nite Cinemax.  Other than that, you had very limited access to smokeshows.

You’re best bet to see a chick in a thong was a WWF Monday Night Raw Evening Gown Match.  I’d tune into Raw is War knowing full well there was a 99.9% chance Sable wasn’t getting naked, but maybe I’d get a Lingerie or Bikini match, or at least a shot of her in the dressing room half naked.

So, in conclusion, yea, nowadays I could probably find some myspace ho or some college broad on Facebook who is not only hotter but most likely will be more naked than Sable ever was 99% of the time.  And sure, why would I waste time with a female wrestler when you can get free porn all day err day?

But the League was different back then.  In an Era of 56K Modems and constant buffering, Sable was all a young lad had.

For Sure Sable


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