Mayor Michael Bloomberg stared down and chastised a wheelchair-bound reporter after his tape recorder accidentally started playing during a news conference aired live on TV Thursday.

Goddam I wish I was bound to a wheelchair.  Yea, that’s right.  Know why?

Cuz handicapped people can do WHATEVER the fuck they want and everyone just goes “oh, but they’re in a wheelchair.”

Well, you’re still being a douchebag, whether you are standing or sitting.

“I was quite embarrassed,” said the reporter, Michael Harris, who writes for and is also a disability rights advocate. “The mayor singled me out in front of my colleagues. I think an apology would be appropriate, but I’m not optimistic that the mayor’s going to give one.”

Well, you tubby burden, you should be embarassed.  Usually the dumpster reporter who interuppts a press conference does get singled out. Last time I checked, sitting in a rolling chair and making sure tape recorders don’t go off when Billlionaires are talking are mutually exclusive.  Seriously, check out this Exhibit I found on some American Handicapped Society website:

FSN Handicapped

See? Right there, plain as day, the NUMBER ONE thing Handicapped people can do is make sure their tape recorders aren’t on when they are supposed to be off.

And I’m not to optimistic about Mikey Bloomberg giving you an apology either, seeing as how most people don’t apologize when they don’t do anything wrong.

For Sure NOT Blame Tape Recorder On Wheelchair


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