An inside joke on the USC football team went awry when a Facebook group sparked outrage among students.

The racist Facebook group was created by a USC football player and showed a graphic of a black baby in handcuffs. An athletic department source said the group was a joke and had no serious purpose.

Junior linebacker Clay Matthews created the group, “White Nation,” which featured a graphic with the caption, “arrest black babies before they become criminals.”

Well, this is upsetting.  White Nation?  I mean that’s just digusting.  They didn’t put ANY effort into naming their racist Facebook group.  I mean have some pride and come up with something better than “White Nation.”  I dunno, maybe like “White Power to the People” or something fellas.

Anyway, this Freshman Stefanie Gopaul is all upset about this shit.  So how does she think shes gonna fight it?:

Gopaul created the Facebook group, ” Clay Matthews (USC football player) expresses anti-black sentiment,” and invited all of her Facebook friends to join.

J Christ that’s worse than “White Nation!”  Unoriginal, uninspiring Facebook Group War we got goin on ever here.

Anyway, if you’re gonna combat some White Supremacy, you gotta do what black people always do:

Take whatever it is that the white person is doing, and do it much better (i.e. basketball, football, golf, eventually tennis and hockey probably, music)

So your Facebook group shoulda looked a little something like this:

For Sure White Babies

Ohhh Lord this racism is killlllin me inside!

For Sure Whale Watching

~ Shout out to the Garbageman for the link

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