MADRID – A Spanish man accused of using veterinary equipment to perform cosmetic surgery is in the doghouse. Catalonian regional police said they arrested the 63-year-old Barcelona native for allegedly practicing medicine without a license in filthy conditions at his home.

The police said in a statement released Wednesday that the man charged his human patients between euro250 and euro500 ($330 to $660) to perform breast or buttocks implants and used a veterinary tool normally used to inject animals.

The police statement said the bogus doctor worked in the company of his three dogs, a cat and a parrot.

Hey Spain, ever hear of a little something I like to call Buyer Beware?

If you walk into a “Doctor’s office” and it resembles a petting zoo with birds and shit flying around, and then you see the “doctor” pull out some tools that look like they are not intneded to ever be used on a human, and you STILL allow this guy to operate on you, you have most certainly signed away all your rights as a patient.

For Sure NOT Let A Quack Veterinarian Give You Butt Implants



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