Oh Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel.  This is what happens when you fuck with the Jews, Mel.

I guarantee you the lawyers of Leibovitz and Axelrod representing Mel are going to charge $6,500 an hour.  His total fees will be like $449,000,000.

This is why Jews are not to be trifled with.  See, most of us gentiles know to leave the Jewish people alone.  Its like the agreement The Others had with the Hostiles in Lost.  Don’t cross the boundaries, and everyone can leave peacefully under a Christian/Jewish Truce.

But Mel had to go an make the Passion of the Christ and ranting in his DUI stop and now all the sudden, BAM, some Old Testament Karma is KICKING HIS ASS to the tune of 4 hundo and fifty MILLLLLLLLLION.

If you like it then you shoulda signed a Pre-nup.

For Sure Pre-Nup


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