PLEASANT VALLEY (WCBS) — It’s supposed to be a safe haven for kids, but what happened on a Dutchess County playground is sick and shocking

A 6-year-old boy was injured going down a slide — after it was rigged with a razor blade.

Boo fucking hoo.

If I ever went home and complained that I needed 30 stitches cuz someone rigged the slide with a razor blade my Dad would call me a pussy and beat me.

“I slid down the slide; I felt something stinging,” 6-year-old Sean Yambo said.

What is this kid, some sort of retard?  That sounds like something Ralphie from The Simpsons would say.

Sounds like this kid needs to be a bit more aware of his surroundings.

First thing I’m teaching me son is make sure the tube slide isn’t rigged with razor blades.

It all comes back to parenting.

FS Parenting


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