Last nite, Roy Williams, Tyler Hansborough and Ty Lawson lead the North Carolina Tar Heels to their 2nd championship in the past blah BLAH BLAH that game sucked.

Crawl back into your cave, Basketball, it’s baseball season now.

In a much more intriguing matchup, Top That of the Day’s Badass Tournament has come down to the finals.  We all knew where this was going folks:

1. William Wallace

FS Walalce


1. Maximus

FS Maximus

You couldn’t dream of a better matchup in the finals, even if you were picking fictional characters from the best movies of all time…oh wait…

In a battle of the two most epic characters in the history of motion pictures we have Maximus – Father of a Murdered Son, Husband to a Murdered Wife versus William “I’m 7 feet tall, I kill men by the hundreds, and If The English Were Here I’d Consume Them With Fireballs From My Eyes and Bolts of Lightning From My Arse” Wallace.

Check out Top That to see who the Champ will be.

For Sure Top That of the Day


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