FSN Throwback of the Day

Throwback of the Day – It’s NERF, or Nothin’

If you wanted to call me a Master of foam based weaponry, you would be grossly underestimating my skills with the NERF arsenal.

I was a tactical GENIUS with all the various firearms and armaments.  Here were my weapons of choice:

1. Bow and Arrow

For Sure Originator

The Originator, None Greater.  Nerf Bow and Arrow KILLED IT.  Shit was completely impractical, with strings connecting to the handle that did absolutely nothing.  Plus it only held like 3 arrows.

But it was the most bad ass weapon a 4th grader could have.  It was a must have for every Nerf War

2. Ballzooka

FS Ballzooka

This pump action gatling gun thing could unload approximately 200 Nerf balls in under 30 seconds.

Plus, the Nerf balls could travel about 100,000 feet further than the arrows for two reasons:

FSN Arrows

a. If any of the 3 fins on the back of the arrow frayed apart or got ripped off, the arrows were useless

b. Everybody had that friend who would chew on the arrows and evetually ruin them.  After a serious Nerf war there was always like 1-2 arrows that would come back with bite marks all over them and you’d look at the one dumpy friend suspect and be like “what the fuck dude?”

3. Nerf Fencing

FS Fencing

En Guarde, Bitches!

I was a master swordsmen with these Nerf Sabers, and I used to FUCK my brother up despite the fact that he was 4 years my senior.  Why?  Cuz I’m a natural and I Kill it.

Nowadays Nerf shit is SO COMPLICATED.

Look at this f’n thing:

FSN Nerf

FSN.  I think this thing is like a real gun.

Gimme that Bow and Arrow, a Green Ecto Cooler Juice Box, and let me go back to being 8 years old.

For Sure NERF

*Update: Looks like Seth Green was on board with Nerf, as well as a sort of “For Sure NOT” ar the 0:22 mark – Seth Green Nerf Commercial


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