FSN Rookie of the year

Rookie of the Year – Rashida Jones – Freaks and Geeks – 2000

Most people know Rashida Jones as “that chick from the Office.  No, not Pam, the Other One.”  And usually that’s more than enough when you are an SS that looks like this:

FS Karen

But because I’m a deep, tender and emotional gentleman, I dug a little deeper to see what Karen From The Office is all about.  This chick lived a wacky life.

A) She’s the daughter of Quincy Jones:

FS Quincy

So, thats pretty fucking weird.

B) She’s a f’n GENIUS.  Papa Quincy used to find her underneath her blankets at night with a flashlight reading books at the age of 5.  By age 6 she was performing classical music and winning all sorts of theatrical awards and shit

C) She went to Harvard and studied philosophy and religion.

D) Tupac made comments about how he didn’t like Quincy Jones marrying a white woman and having kids that were “all mixed and fucked up cuz they were biracial.”  So she got all pissed off and wrote him a letter calling him out.  Then, her sister Kadida ended up f’n getting engaged to him:

FS Tupac

So, in conclusion, Karen From The Office is the daughter of Quincy Jones, almost became the sister in law of Tupac Shakur, was a musical and theatrical prodigy at the age of 5, and an eventual Harvard graduate practicing Islam even though she was raised Jewish, and I happen to think she’s an SS:

For Sure Karen

All that being said, I think I’d still take Pam:

For Sure Pam Beesly

EFF ESS Pam Beesly.

~ Shout out to Cradle Robber for all the stalker info


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