Daily News — A new Afghan law saying Shiite men can demand sex from their wives every four days and keep them indoors indefinitely is causing an uproar.

Well, I should certainly think this is causing an uproar.  4 days might as well be 4 years.  I don’t care if you American, Afghani, African, Eskimo, whatever: when a guy “puts the ring on it” he is basically saying “I will tolerate your bullshit as long as you F me all the time, cook, and clean.”

Now over hear in America, is that how it goes down?  FSN.  The woman stops workin for it, the man cheats, and all thats left is a broken home for the children.

But, if we instituted a law like they did over in Afghanistan, none of this would ever happen.  Sex every day = husband will never cheat won’t cheat unless you get fat.  Keeping you indoors indefinitely = well you might as well cook and clean since I trapped you in here, babygirl.

So, in conclusion, if every American couple abided by the romantic laws of the Taliban, the divorce rate would probably drop dramatically.

Simple cause and effect, folks.

For Sure Sex Every Four Days and Keep You Inside Indefinitely

(And before you American broads get all uppity about my views, just be thankful we don’t make you walk around with blankets on your head like the chick in this picture)


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