LINCOLN, Neb. – A 49-year-old man was sentenced to two -to four years in prison for firing a crossbow after a dispute about the breed of a neighbor’s dog last June. The neighbor said it was a pit bull; Carlos Lupercio said a labrador. Lupercio went home, returned with a crossbow pistol and fired at his neighbor, just missing.

Authorities later contacted Nitro of American Gladiators to make sure the crossbow was safely returned to Station 4 of the Assault.

And one more thing, how the fuck is there a dispute between a Pit Bull:

FSN Labrador

and a Labrador:

FSN Pitbull

“Police said alcohol fueled the incident.”

Guess that pretty much solves the mystery.

For Sure Crossbow

~ Shout out to the Big Earth for the Link


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