An Australian man who pimped a 16-year-old schoolgirl paid her with chicken nuggets for having sex with men, a court has been told.

Well, before we get all uppity about this, I think we need a few more facts.

Was it a 10 Piece Value Meal, or just a dollar menu 4 Piece?

If it was a 10 Piece and he provided the proper array of dipping sauces, i.e. Barbeque and Honey Mustard, then I don’t see what the big deal is.

And, if he somehow bargained that payment would just be a dollar menu 4 Piece, well then my friends this guy is just a master negotiator  I see no way this man can be convicted of any such “sordid offence.”  Matter of fact he should be on Big Idea with Donny Deutsch or something discussing his business model.

For Sure Pay Prostitutes With Nuggets


~ Shout out to Owen for the link.  Dermy you know you want these nuggets


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