FSN Throwback of the Day

Throwback of the Day – MTV Rock N Jock Basketball

Rock N Jock Basketball KILLLLLLED IT. Plain and simple.  It personified the decade of the 90s better than ANYTHING.  Yo all I gotta say is when you got two teams along the lines of:

Dan Cortese, Queen Latifah, John Salley, Flea, and Dean Cain


Bill Bellamy, Fu Schnickens, Downtown Julie Brown, Dan Marjele, and like fuckin Leonardo Dicaprio

with like The New Kids on the Block and the cast of 90210 coming off the bench, then sign me the F up.

Couple things about Rock N Jock you may have forgotten:

1. The teams were the Bricklayers vs the Violaters.  Dan Cortese, of MTV Sports, was the coach of the Bricklayers.  He squared off against Bill Bellamy of the Violaters.

2. Perennial Rock N Jock All Stars were as follows:

a) Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Motherfucker MADE IT RAAAAAAAIN.  Flea drilled shots on the 25 Point hoop with ice water in his veins.  When the 50 Point Peach Basket came down you had BETTER double team Flea or you’re F’d.  I’m not 100% sure it was Flea, but I think he took one shot that fell through all three baskets.

b) Dean F’n Cain. DEAN CAIN HA!.  I can’t even say his name with out laughing (and thinking about him slamming Teri Hatcher when she was Lois Lane)

c) Marcus Schenkenburg.  Who the fuck was this dude?  I don’t think he even spoke english but he was there erry year.

3) Reggie Miller dropping 76 points.

4) Gary Payton switching teams like 4 times a game.

5) Brian McKnight can BALL.  He was like flat out good at basketball, no bullshit

Anyway, nothing takes me back to old school MTV programming like thinking about the Rock N Jock games.  For WHATEVER reason they eventually changed it to a three on three outdoor game, and then it just fell off the face of the earth.  Such a shame.

For SURE Rock N Jock.

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