Fairfield, Conn. – This is couple Robert Drawbaugh, 32, and his hellion wife, Helen Sun, 37, in happier times before she allegedly handcuffed herself to him and viciously bit him over and over as he called police for help.

Sun told police that she did it because “this was the only way I could get him to talk to me.”

J. Christ dude just do what I do: Lie to the broad and tell her what she wants to hear.  Last time I checked that’s better than being bound and devoured by her.

My buddy Jack says that all broads fall under three categories: Crazy, Crazier, and Craziest.  Jack, if you’re reading this, I ask that you come up with a 4th category cuz shit like this is off the fucking charts.

Props to this guy for having enough foresight to not WALE on this bird’s face.  Sounds like he’s a pussy for calling the cops and just letting her bite him repeatedly,  but when the police show up and you have your lifeless unconscious girlfriend tethered to your arm, who are they gonna sympathize with?

For Sure NOT You.

** Update:  Listen to the 911 Call Here

Operator : can you lock yourself in another room?


~ Shout out to the Garbageman for the 911 call


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