FSN Final Four Update

Tomorrow night we will kick off the Sweet 16, and our bracket’s field of 35 are lead by:

1. JD’s Awesome at Everything – His name would imply that when doing something, he will perform anywhere in the range of “very good” to “awesome.”  Apparently, picking the 2009 winners in the first two round falls under the umbrella of “Everything”

2. Gregory O’Brien’s Bracket – With quite possibly the least original bracket name of all time, Greg has a “I did NOT come to fuck around” attitude.  Greg is thinking, when I take this shit down I want NO confusion as to who the check should be made out to

3. Ricky Soliver – Rumor has it, the man behind the Ricky Soliver bracket is fat.  I believe this rumor to be true.  Picking “Ricky Soliver” as his name solidifies this owner’s doucheyness

4. Illmatic – Despite the proclamation that Nas only needs One Mic, this bracket has so far earned 4 Mics.  Will it be worth 5?

5. For Sure Not Going to Win – Wellllll you coy little bastard.  FSN For sure not going to win.  If Duke makes a run, FSNGTW is the only person in the top 5 with them winning it all.

…10. JonBenét Ramsey – This bracket turned into a messy unsolved murder after the first day, but bonus points has kept him in the mix.

…34. FSN – I planned to come in last all along.  FOR SURE NOT.  F You Wake.  F You.

Tied for 34. World Series Champs! – And thus commences Philly’s fall from grace.

Things are real tight at the top, and a couple upsets here and there could swing new teams to the top, so stay tuned.

For Sure Stay Tuned


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