FSN Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year – Lori Loughlin – 1988 – Full House

Aunt Becky was such a hot piece of ass.  She was on a show with like 4 teenage chicks and she blew all those dumpy broads out of the water. I remember being a young kid and thinking “I know DJ and Stephanie are supposed to be the pretty ones, but Aunt Becky gives me a funny feeling in my pants.”

The best part about Aunt Becky was you knew she GOT DOWN.  And by “knew” I mean “you could speculate about her sexual appetite based on her fictional character’s behavior.”

All it took was one look at Jessie Katsopolis up on stage with The Rippers and BAM – she was back on the third floor apartment of the Tanner household getting plowtowned.

Lori Loughlin has made a couple comebacks throughout the years, most recently now on the new version of 90210.  She’s a lot like Diane Lane in my opinion, and now at the age of 45 she is still an SS with a ton of staying power.

FS Aunt Becky

FS Aunt Becky


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