FSKY Jungle

AOKIGAHARA FOREST, Japan (CNN)Aokigahara Forest is known for two things in Japan: breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and suicides. Also called the Sea of Trees, this destination for the desperate is a place where the suicidal disappear, often never to be found in the dense forest.

Henceforth, this Suicidal Mecca formerly known as the Aokigahara Forest will now be referred to as “FSKY Jungle.”

I can just see it now – Small Asian family wandering the FSKY Jungle in search of the perfect photo with Mount Fuji in the background when all the sudden a bus pulls up and like 30 Ninjas jump out and just start offing themselves cuz they couldn’t pay their Ninja bills.

I’ll tell you what though, the FSKY Jungle is ripe with business opportunities.  Yea that’s right, I’m like Warren fuckin Buffet, I say cashflow errywhere I go.  Take Taro, for instance, the young man featured in the article who bought his one way ticket but failed at killing himself – You think he’s happy he failed at his sepuku attempt and now subsequently lives his life a Toeless Suicide Failure? Fuck NO!.  That’s even more shameful than getting fired, this dumpy guy needs to double kill himself now.

That’s where I step in.  I’ll set up shop at the front of FSKY Jungle with all your necessary suicide needs.  Like a hot dog vendor, only instead of hot dogs, I’ll sell samurai swords and ropes and shit.  Tourist maps to all the best suicide places in the whole forest.  You know how Asian tourists are I’d make a fuckin killing doing that.  I’ll mail out your suicide letters for you, and I’ll even pretend that I’m going to fulfill your final wishes.  Full f’n service.

FSKY Jungle.

~ Shout out to the Garbageman for the link


5 Responses to FSKY Jungle

  1. Kyle says:

    Little ironic to say the things about someone else’s escapade but you treated this whole situation like an even bigger joke. At least he addressed the root of it.. you just made it the butt of the joke for the sole reason to make this post. Wtf?

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  4. FSKY Jungle | For Sure NOT

    […]That is why depressed individuals do not realize that suicide is a permanent answer to a short lived drawback in the same manner that other individuals do.[…]

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