My FSN Bracket is complete.

Here are my Final Four Picks.

1. Pitt – I like their style of play…high percentage shots, with a monster college big man in Blair, solid guard play in Fields, and a matchup problem in Young

2. Oklahoma – I think people are forgetting about OK a bit cuz Blake Griffin was such a nancy down the stretch.  That being said, people still need to remember he can go off for like 40 and 20 no problem.  Carolina is the obvious and popular pick here, but I have a feeling Ty Lawson’s health might bite them in the ass once they get to stiffer competition in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8

3. Memphis – There’s been a lot of talk about Memphis, mostly cuz Calipari is crying like a bitch that they didn’t get a 1 seed.  Well its not like they were left out of the tournament, they got a fuckin 2 seed so stfu.  UConn was my pick earlier in the year to take it all, but they just aren’t the same without Dyson.  And Thebeet is a loser.

4. Wake Forest – This is my out on a limb pick.  Cuz I’m all about the glory and I like to have one upset special.  Since 2003, no NCAA Champion has had less than 3 players that went on to become NBA Pros.  And in 2003, the team that won was Cuse with Melo and Hakim Warrick, and Melo counts for 2 basically so that team should be included in that stat as well.  Wake’s got Al-Farouq Aminu, Jeff Teague and James Johnson, and if my math is right that equals 3.  Plus, I didn’t wanna pick LLL’LLL cuz everyone in the world is.

So what can you take away from this?  Louisville, Uconn, Carolina, and someone other than Pitt will make the Final Four cuz I’m always wrong.

For Sure Final Four


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