Well, this obviously has been all over the place today.

Its easy to take one look and call this dude a douche bag, and a homo and all the generic insults A Rod has come to represent.

But Francesa said it best about a week ago on WFAN.  This dude is probably the most talented baseball player ever.  He should be an IMMORTAL.  Even though he has not proven to be “clutch” and hasn’t won one yet, he has All Time talent that should catapult him to the Jordan-Woods-Brady echelon.

The fact is he constantly does so many douche-y things, one worse than the next, that our mentality is now “what stupid shit is A Rod gonna do now?”  People are so accustomed to his missteps and so curious how he can POSSIBLY top his latest fuck up, that we forget players that are this good are usually immortalized legends completely immune to even the slightest criticism.

A Rod Talent should get you immunity to the point that even if you do fuck up, people are bending over backwards to try and find an angle explaining why it actually wasn’t wrong.  See: Gambling Addict Jordan, See: Deadbeat Dad Brady, See: Jeter RUNNING through bitches All Day Err Day, See: Tiger Woods being Asian. Scrap that one.

But not only does A Rod not receive the blind support of the fans that the elite aforementioned club receives, people seem to actively root for this guy to fuck up, and then seem to relish roasting him.

Maybe it really only comes down to winning.  Everyone else of that talent has brought home the ultimate goal in their respective sport and lifted up an entire fan base.  Or maybe it will be a Ted Williams case, where everyone thought the guy was a prick and then 30 years later when the dust settled he was revered and idolized.  But at this point, with the steroids, and pictures like this, even if he were to win, he’s still gonna be considered a douche.

Somehow, some way, Alex Rodriguez has f’d up being the best baseball player ever in human existence.  That, my friends, is one of the hardest things a person can do.

ALLLLLLLLLLLL that shit aside, the dude can CRUSH and anybody who says they wouldn’t want him on their team is just as much of a D-Bag as Snow White here checkin the mirror to see if he’s still the fairest of them all

For Sure A Rod is a Nancy Like Snow White


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