FSN Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year – Jessica Biel – 7th Heaven – 1996

Jessica Biel started her career on this dumpy show when she was 14 years old.  In all likelihood, she, her agent, her parents, and EVERYONE associated her spent their time counting down the days until she was 18 when she could flaunt her bangin ass body and not be considered a complete and total trashbag underage whore.

Then, in the year 2001, just after she turned 18, BAM – Summer Catch Pool Scene.

That shit was like the Big Bang in terms of Jessica Biel’s SSness.  Her hotness, and her ass, began to grow exponentially and both continue to grow to this day.  It’s scientifically proven.  Although, there are many hicks across Middle America who refuse to believe in evolution and maintain that Jessica Biel’s ass is a divine creation.  Ordinarily I’m a man of science, but when I see pics of her ass like this, THIS, and especially THIS, I drop down to my knees and I thank the Lord for all his work.

But I remember watching 7th Heaven I remember girls in school telling me about 7th Heaven and this “Mary Camden” character…and never did I think she’d one day be smokeshow prancing around with bottles of booze in her hands:

FS Rules of Attraction

Thank GOD 99% of chicks are inherently slutty and will eventually make morally questionable decisions in their Hollywood careers.

Wow, God is getting quite a lot of credit for Jessica Biel.

FS Going to Church on Sunday From Now On


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