HAMPTON – Police confiscated $1.2 million worth of illegal drugs and more than $68,000 in cash from concertgoers arrested over three nights of Phish shows.  Many of the charges pertained to marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms and painkillers.

Phish fans are FS at the top of the Hippie Pyramid.  Like even Dispatch fans are like “Leave me the fuck alone you FREAKS”

The best part are the mug shots of all the concert goers.  The Smoking Gun has 25 of them, and they are all priceless:

#1 sets the tone.  Absurd hair and beard in the likeness of a Lions Mane

#7 is like the Varsity version of #1.  A few more years under his belt, with full Charles Manson beard and the beginnings of Dreadlocks…a true hippie “must have”

#15 got lost.  Hes like “Wait this isn’t a Jadakiss concert?”  Where the FUCK AM I?  Why are all these white people here!?  RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!”

#19 must still be trippin balls

#2 is your picture perfect cookie cutter Female Hippie.  Glasses, Dreads, and a closet full of those sweaters that roll down at the top of the neck.  She smokes copious amounts of weed, and is most likely dating #7, Leader of the Hippies.

Now I ironically have a strange affinity toward the rhythmic sounds of the black man.  I usually get ripped on for that, seeing as how most rappers are degenerate thugs.  But I absolutley, 100%, would feel infinitely more comfortable running into some thugs at night in a dark alley than dealing with these Hippies on acid in the middle of some field with bon fires and shit.

For Sure Thugs over Hippies

~ Shout out to P Mac for the links


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