FSN Throwback of the Day

Throwback of the Day – College – Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day – 2009

This week’s throwback is a bit different than usual.  This past weekend was Hoboken, NJ’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, which is an absolute abomination.  Sobriety and dignity gets is fucking ASS kicked for like 35 straight hours, and your apartment ends up looking like downtown Mogadishu.

So in that sense, this past weekend for all who participated was much like being back in college again.  Bodies were strewn about the filth and squalor in my apartment like it was fucking Jonestown.

Matter of fact, the Big Tink compared trying to make it thru the night in the mess pictured above to Nick Schuyler’s 46 Hours at Sea Ordeal.

“That was like me on that couch last nite.  I was just trying to hold on for dear life.”

So to sum up, Hoboken, NJ was much like the Capital city of a war torn nation, the aftermath of the largest mass suicide the world has ever seen, or being lost at sea for 46 hours after losing 3 friends.

And if you did college like I did, all three of those things are pretty similar to my four years of higher education.

Wooo College.  No parents wooo!

Apparently, Hoboken has had enough, and they are going to try to stop this from happening next year:

HOBOKEN – People urinating from rooftops. TVs and bottles thrown from windows and more than 80 injuries. Public Safety Director Bill Bergin said yesterday that he’s had it: He wants to cancel the parade.

“A girl and a guy were performing sex in a window when the parade was going by. One person spit in the face of a fireman. There were young, young girls that were blind drunk standing in the middle of the streets,” he said.

In all, police gave out 376 summonses this year: 220 for holding an open alcohol container in public, 52 for public urination, 33 for public consumption of alcohol, 32 for disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace, 26 for overly rowdy house parties, one for littering and 12 for other assorted violations, according to early police tallies.”

376 summonses for $1,000 each…if my math is right…carry the 1…that’s like $10 million dollars.  No way they cancel that shit next year.

For Sure Hoboken St. Pats.  See you in 2010.

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