Season 2 Premiere – Sunday March 8th, 10:30PM, AMC

First off, if the picture of the Dad from Malcom in the Middle holding a gun in his underwear with a Winnebago Meth lab in the background doesn’t entice you to watch this show, something is wrong with you.

This show is LEGIT.  Have I ever steered you wrong?  Well I suppose I haven’t done much steering at all here on FSN, but just trust me.

The show follows Walter White, a timid and frustrated Chemistry teacher who has basically missed every opportunity to make something of his life.  After learning he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Walter decides he will do whatever it takes to provide financial security for his pregnant wife and his handicapped son.  Since he’s a sick chemist, he can cook up the best Meth you’ve ever smoked, and he enlists one of his students to push it for him.

Even Bob Ross would say Walter’s Meth is the shit.

Anyway, watch this shit its good.

For Sure Breaking Bad


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