Pro Football Talk is doing a running list of every team that has come out and said “FSN” to T.O.

The Dallas Cowboys.  (Duh.)

The New York Giants.

The Washington Redskins.

The Baltimore Ravens.

The San Francisco 49ers.

The Minnesota Vikings.

The Atlanta Falcons.

The Cleveland Browns.

The San Diego Chargers.

The Philadelphia Eagles.

The New York Jets.

The Tennessee Titans.

The St. Louis Rams.

The New Orleans Saints.

The Houston Texans.

The Jacksonville Jaguars.

Here are the teams that likely will join the list soon:

The Miami Dolphins.

That is A LOT fuckin teams who are proactively coming out and saying no thanks.  Its not like there is speculation, or they are being contacted by his agent, or there is any evidence that they have been interested, and they now feel the need to squash the rumors.  They are preemptive “No’s”

That’s some insulting shit right there.  Imagine if normal people logged on or and you were getting unsolicited emails from random companies just saying “We don’t want you don’t even BOTHER sending us your resume.”


FS Humiliating, and T.O. deserves every bit of it.


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