Now, as if the post right below this isn’t infuriating enough, this is French television reporter and bonafide SS Melissa Theuriau.  She’s hot and probably naked all the time cuz shes European.  So thats good.  But,

THIS is her FREAK boyfriend

What the SHIT is going on there?

This guy has the Tiny Arm like the butler in Scary Movie 2:

For Sure Tiny Arm

And on top of that heinous deformity he looks like a starving Somalian with some sort of Jew fro goin on.

That guy has 200% sold his soul to the Devil to land a chick like that.

So, Marisa Miller is dating a metro Zoolander clown, and this French Broad is dating some dude that looks like the Peter from Jumanji when he turned into a monkey.

Oh and Heidi Klum is married to some black guy with lupus all over his face.

For Sure NOT Fair


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