Great news…my employer canceled work today cuz of the snow…so right now I’m laying on my couch in my robe, eating Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls eagler awaiting the Price is Right to start.


I’m gonna f’n vomit when I go on G Chat and everyone I know who just became a teacher is gonna have “SNOW DAY!!!” next to their Green Dot.

So here’s how it works:

1.  If you’re out of college, and a teacher and have off today, make sure you watch the Price is Right and just hope you get an episode with Plinko today.

2.  If you’re in college, you should be shitfaced right now

3.  If you are like elementary school/middle school, you most likely shouldn’t be reading this website…that being said, if you are in fact reading it at your age, you are most likely a badass, so i say that you, too, should be shitfaced right now for your snow day.

4.  And if you are out there shoveling, well just try to keep warm.


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