Bloomberg – Ruth Madoff, wife of accused fraudster, Bernard Madoff, said she owns a Manhattan apartment, $45 million in bonds, and $17 million in cash that are “unrelated” to her husband’s alleged Ponzi scheme.

Air Quote Unrelated End Air Quote? Really Ruth?  Really right now with this shit?

This is like when i was like 15 and I got caught egging a house on Halloween and my defense was “the egg that I personally threw wasn’t one of the eggs that actually hit the house.”  The Pigs and my parents gave a resounding FSN to that one.

I mean this bitch as got to be fucking kidding me.  She withdrew TEN MILLION DOLLARS on the NIGHT BEFORE the proverbial shit hit the fan.  Even Charlie Ponzi himself would be like “hey babe, give it a rest.”

Plus, shes probably been like head of the PTA Board or Assistant to the Head of the Bake Sale commitee at the Country Club.  Last time I checked bullshit like that doesnt get you $65 Milli.

And you know what the real tragedy of all this shit is?  Millions of dollars of retirment funds, college tuition, and mortgage payments were lost The Mets couldn’t sign Manny cuz of this bitch and her husband.

F You Ruth Madoff.  I can’t even hate on you trying to keep your shit, but lets come up with A) a better excuse, or B) a more reasonable sum of money.

Unrelated? For Sure NOT.


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