PHOENIX – A 16-year old girl accused of running a prostitution ring is speaking out from behind bars.

Tatiana Tye is in jail facing charges as an adult. 3TV first showed you her picture on Monday, along with her 16-year-old friend Jazmine Finley. Police are calling the duo madams as they are accused of recruiting high school girls between the ages of 14 and 17 to become prostitutes. Tye tells 3TV, “Me and my mom, we were having problems at the time.”  Tuesday the former Carl Hayden and North Star student told 3TV problems caused her to turn to Jazmine. She says, “Being a follower, not a leader, following whatever Jazmin does and those were bad things.”

So this Buckwheat lookin bitch recruits teens to work the corner for her and then blames it all on Jazmine??  FSN.  Listen I respect your hustle, but just cuz it’s hard out there for a pimp doesn’t mean you get to rat out your co-madam.

I remember when my pimp hand was REAL strong when I was a teen and I would never even think about turning state.  Snitches get stitches in my neighborhood.

Anyway, if you don’t think that the mastermind behind this whole plot is this dude right here, you need to start reading between the lines.

Pimping is For Sure NOT Easy.

~ Shout out to Dilbert for the link


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