FSN Throwback of the Day

Throwback of the Day – RBI Baseball Part 2 (Click here for Part 1)

In decidely ironic fashion, the best and most unique part of RBI Baseball is the horrible gameplay defensively.  Moving both the outfield and infield as one unit made defense especially tricky.  The Legenday Bunt Home Run in the above video was one of the problems this gameplay presented. Moving like retards in Point Slope X/Y form, one unit over, one unit up, didn’t help either.

The key to RBI Defensively was to keep your emotions at bay – Even if it looks like you can get to the ground ball in the hole, you can’t.  Its better to admit defeat and allow the single, and immedietely begin moving your outfield to cut it off and prevent an extra base hit.  There is NOTHING worse than moving your infield for an unattainable ball, and watching it roll all the way to the wall because your outfield is out of position.  Or so I hear, cuz that shit never happened to me.  I’m like fuckin Napoleon out there on the diamond directing my troops all day err day.

In truly preposterous fashion, there were a handful of shortstops that flat out could not reach first base, and a handful of catchers who barely reached the pitcher’s mound while trying to throw a base stealer.  Why you ask? Who the fuck knows, just one of the many beautiful mysteries of a legendary game we call RBI.



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