FSN Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year – Emmanuelle Chriqui – 2000 – Snow Day

I swear to God, Are You Afraid of the Dark? is like the UNC of Hollywood smokeshows.  Every SS in the industry has gone through the AYAotD? Program.

Emmanuelle Chriqui (pronounced Shree-kee) was a French-Canadian prospect who showed up on the radar after her appearance in a McDonald’s Commerical at the age of 10 in 1987.

College recruits loved her Moroccan background and her bilingual acting abilities.  Coaches everywhere realized how versatile she was: “She can be a Moroccan smokeshow and speak English or be a Moroccan smokeshow and speak French” one Division 1 coach said.

At the age of 19 it was time for Emmanuelle to sign her letter of intent – She signed up with AYAotD? University, and in her freshman year starred as “Amanda” in The Tale of the Night Shift.

Four years later, Chiriqui turned pro, selected 5th overall by MMF Feature Film Prodcutions for a starting role on the film “Snow Day.”  I’ve never seen Snow Day but I’d be willing to bet my life Emmanuelle did a below-average job acting but looked smoking hot in that “this is a children’s movie so I can’t act slutty and I’m going to wear conservative clothes but don’t be fooled I’m still definitely hot enough for you to masturbate too” sorta way

In 2005, Chiriqui was inked to play the role of Eve in National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve.  Eve was a college virgin, and Adam was obviously doing everything in his power to F her.

For Sure Virgin Eve

After putzing around with these stupid fucking movies, she landed the role of Sloane on Entourage.  She continued her trend of being a flat out horrible actress in the HBO Series, but continued to get hotter and hotter every role.

Long story short, this chick’s career has been quite mediocre.  But J Christ she’s an SS:

For Sure Sloan
For Sure Shreeky

For Sure Mediocre but Gorgeous Actress

~ Shout out to Fitzy Fats for R.O.Y

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