San Antonio (AP) -Entire Town Up for Sale on EBAY

$2.5 Mil?  That’s basically free.  If I was a big dog I’d buy this shit immediately, secede from the Union, rename it For Sure Not, and set up a utopia of booze and no responsibility.  I’d call up FOX and ink a TV deal to create a reality TV show which films my people living in intoxicated decadence, and we’d basically live for free.  They would provide all booze, food and necessary materials to make For Sure Not run smoothly.

Hopefully it will be half as cool as The Villages

For Sure Not Albert, Texas.  For Sure FSN Utopia.

~ Shout out to Jewson for the link

*Update – Albert, Texas now only $883,000

Alright, lets stop being silly geese and lets get this done.  Send donations this way and lets buy a Nation.

For Sure Nation

~ Shout out to GP for the update


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