I’m constantly scouring phone books, billboards, and the internet to find a lawyer who is going to get me my friends out of trouble when I inevitably screw something up while hammered.

I thought I had found a keeper when I stumbled upon Lady DUI.  I mean, clearly this bitch is dedicated to her craft!

But I gotta say I think i found my real go to guy.  Friend of a friend used him for a suspended license case.  These are his business cards:

For Sure Remain Silent
For Sure Know Shit

This dude doesn’t even need a fuckin law degree as far as I’m concerned…

“Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I’m the smartest motherfucker you are ever gonna meet.  Now, would the smartest lawyer you know represent a dude who’s guilty? FOR SURE NOT.  Now lets call a spade a spade, give this guy community service, and call it a day, deal?”

Find a better lawyer than Gill Cochran?

For Sure NOT

~ Shout out to P Mac on this one


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