FSN Throwback of the Day

Throwback of the Day – Old School ESPN Anchors

For Sure Olberman

Welcome to The Big Show.

Long before the days of Stuart Scott and his lazy eye yelling about things being “da bomb” and “straight off the hizzy!” a crew of real men ran Sportscenter everyday.  They were the Originators, the Regulators.  You couldn’t stop them, you could only hope to contain them.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Dan Patrick/Keith Olberman tandem was the most unstoppable force Sportscenter will ever see.  If sports highlights were an 82 game season, Patrick and Olberman would have gone 73-9.  Olberman played Pippen to Patrick’s Jordan.

For Sure En Fuego

Patrick had it all.  The voice was a smooth as freshly woven silk.  He was humble as he started his highlights: “Alongside my tag team partner Keith Olberman, I’m merely Dan Patrick.”  His “En Fuego” catch phrase during basketball highlights and “the whiff” in baseball were simplstic perfection.

For Sure Not Playable

In my opinion, Keith Olbermann may have been the most versatile anchor in Sportscenter history.  His top three catch phrases all applied to three different sports:

1. Basketball – “Fromwaydowntown BANG!”

2. Football – “They’re…not…gonna….get him”

3. Baseball – “It’s deep, and I don’t think it’s playable”

While Dan and Keith set the Gold Standard, there were so many other talented anchors in the mid 90s.

Criag Kilborn welcomed us to the “feel good edition” of Sportscenter and always reminded us “He’s not your vydas, he’s ARVYDAS.”

RIch Eisen gave us “The Kiss.” Kenny Mayne caught the tail end of the Golden Era and brought us “…not all in one game, that’d be a record or something.”

Charlie Steiner:

For Sure Follow Me To Freedom


To wrap up today’s throwback, I’ll snake a line from Larry Biel:

And Aloha means goodbye.

For Sure Sportscenter


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