This is a picture of Michael Phelps after he smoked out of a bong at a house party.

People just need to let this dude LIVE.  This is the latest:

A television station in Columbia, S.C., is reporting that local law enforcement officials have made eight arrests in connection with a house party where Olympian Michael Phelps’ photo may have been taken with a marijuana bong in his hands. Seven of the arrests were for drug possession and the eighth was for drug distribution, according to the WIS-TV (Channel 10) report.

To quote my man David after he was coming home from the dentist IS THIS REAL LIFE???

Here is snoop smoking at the Flavor Flav roast:

For Sure Not Anything But A G Thang

Here is Steve O smoking out of a can:

For Sure Jackass

here is amy winehouse SMOKING CRACK:

For Sure Not Rehab

I mean are we seriously going to launch a full out investigation cuz this kid swims fast?

For Sure Not.


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