NY Daily News –When the Yankees re-signed Alex Rodriguez in the fall of 2007, they envisioned the “clean” alternative to Barry Bonds – the knight in shining armor who would erase the stain of steroids from the all-time home run record, and they would bask in the glory of it with their brand.

Now that A-Rod’s pursuit looks as counterfeit as Bonds’, they should do what’s best for the organization: Cut him loose – no matter the cost. (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/2009/02/08/2009-02-08_eating_270m_worth_it_for_the_yankees_to_-2.html)

I’m getting nauseous talking about A-rod, but I gotta put this out there because it is quite possibly the most irresponsible sports journalism of all time.  To say that the best course of action for any team would be to just eat TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS to allow this dude to go bash home runs for another team is delusional to a spectacular degree.  I don’t care if this dude sets babies on fire no way in hell im giving up on my $270 Million invesment.

Cut ANYONE for that amount of money?



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