Does steroid use make your lips turn blue?

Anyway, this guy should most likely kill himself.  But, I’m assuming he wont do that.

What he should do now that he admitted to it is set up a charity/foundation dedicated to stopping steroid use amongst kids and donate all his bonuses that he recieves for milestone home runs.

But thankfully, he won’t do that, either.  He’ll be fake and flamboyant as always and errybody will continue to hate him.

“Rodriguez also said of his 2007 interview with Katie Couric on “60 Minutes,” when he denied ever using steroids, that “at the time, I wasn’t being truthful with myself. How could I be truthful with Katie Couric or CBS?”“

Seriously, what the fuck does that even mean?

“I had never heard anything since,” he said. “Whatever I was experimenting with in Texas might have been OK.”

“In his ESPN interview, Rodriguez said he did not know exactly which substance or substances he had taken.”

I mean seriously, can this dude ever be sincere about anything?  This is the shittiest apology ever.

I’m sure spring training will be enjoyable for the yankees this year.



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