FSN Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year – 1996 – Elisha Cuthbert, Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Elisha Cuthbert was a non roster invitee to Spring Training with Nickelodeon in 1996 after they saw her performance in the Canadian League on “Popular
Mechanics for Kids.”   She was given a minor league contract for the role “Young Girl #1” on Are You Afraid of the Dark and began to work on her smokeshowability at Single A.  Cuthbert shot through the Nickolodeon farm system, and made the Big Leagues as the reoccurring role “Megan” on 26 eps of AYAoTD?.

In her first year of eligiblity as a free agent in 2003, Cuthbert signed with DreamWorks to play the role of 18 year old sexpot Darcie Goldberg in the comedic hit Old School. Darcie was the High School Senior who F’d the Godfather Mitch Martin and then rocked the pink booty shorts the next morning.

The role of Darcie prepped her perfectly for her breakout season in 2004.  Elisha played Danielle in one of the most wildly underrated, wonderfully sexual movies of all time – The Girl Next Door. Cuthbert embraced the role of an ex porn star running wild through the suburbs, and delivered millions of erections across the country with her scene after she had jumped in the pool:

For Sure Porn Star

She was named to her first All Star team for playing an f’n porn star so goddam well.

After establishing herself as a true blue smokeshow, Cuthbert landed the role of Kim Bauer on 24. Although not a high profile lead role in a major motion picture, Cuthbert had this to say regarding the freedom this job allows:

“Playing Kim Bauer is great because it gives me enough free time to do what I really enjoy…fucking a bunch of professional hockey players from the NHL.”

For Sure Girl Next Door


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