MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) A recently retired Mexican army general whose bullet-riddled body was found Tuesday near Cancun had taken over as the area’s top antidrug official less than 24 hours earlier, officials said. (

Let me tell you something right now.  I will step up to the X and tell it right to your F’n face:

There are certain people in this world you simply DO NOT FUCK WITH.  In no particular order:

1. Albainians

2. Romanians



And right here folks is a prime example of why you stay the F out of Mexico unless you are some rich white kid trying to see some tits and get laid by some slut who truly thinks “what happens here stays here.” Keep telling yourself that sweetie, but the crabs most certainly do not just “stay” in Mexico.

Anyway, I digress. this retired army general took a chief drug regulating job and less than 24 hours on the job was found dead, shot 11 times, every bone in his hands broken, wrists, and both knees…oooo yea and his aide and driver too were whacked after being tortured.

The killings come as Mexico grapples with the highest violent-death rates in its history — around 5,400 slayings in 2008, more than double the 2,477 reported in 2007, according to Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora.

Place makes fuckin Camden, New Jersey look like Sesame Place.

For Sure Not go to Mexico other than Acapulco and Cancun.

~ Shout out to Cradle Robber for the post


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