Let’s all be serious for a moment and contemplate a very important question:

If you were trapped in a room, 20 feet by 20 feet, with 85 angry house cats attacking you, could you get out alive??

It’s an age-old quesion that dates back as long as time itself.  Or about a month ago when me and 5 other guys debated it.

I say FS.  I could survive simply because I don’t think average house cats can inflict mortal wounds.  They would ABSOLUTELY fuck your shit up, but I simply don’t think they could kill you.  Protect the eyes and your jugular, and start stomping and swinging.

On top of scenario A, scenario B allows you to have your choice of weapon: a baseball bat or a Rambo knife.

Vote FS if you think you could survive, FSN if you think that a bunch of pussies could kill you; be sure to include your weapon of choice.


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