***Shower Girl Update ( Part 1 )

He was so blackface drunk he doesn’t even remember.

I’ve CERTAINLY done my fair share of blacking out.  But I can honestly say that my roomate blacking out Shower Girl is way up there on the list of “how the fuck can you not remember that?”

This is not your, “Oh, i forgot about when I fell” or “Oh i forgot when I spilled all over that chick.”

This is “Oh I forgot about the floozy I took home from the bar who subsequently need to use my shower in order to shave her unkempt nether regions using my razor.”

Do you know what happens when you forget that happened the nite before? You use the same razor in the morning.

And as a result, Ladies and Gentleman, today we have our first ever FSN – FML crossover.  My man had to go over to Fmylife.com and get this story off his chest. (http://www.fmylife.com/love/5148)

The are KILLING him over on Fuck My Life! 87 “You Deserved That One“‘s to 13 “I agree, Your Life is Fucked“‘s

For Sure You Deserved That One.


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