Roomates are on a roll this month.  Got back to my place after the Superbowl last nite, and my roomate is trying to seal the deal with this chick he met at the bar.  After a bit of coaxing that all the simpletons fall for, she sounds down.  However, she hasn’t….um lets see how can I put this delicately…she hasn’t, ahem, tilled her garden in quite sometime.

She admits to this, and asks is if she can GO TAKE A SHOWER to do some landscaping.

As if I needed any more reinforcement to back up my plan of jumping in front of a train if I have a daughter, this one really drove it home.

I mean J Christ does the gender have ANY self respect?

Its Sunday night, at 1:00AM, do you know where your dumpy daughters are?

Vote FS if you think this chick is a dumpster, Vote FSN if you think she is a dumptruck.

(Hint: There’s no winning for you on this one, Shower Girl.)



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