FSN Throwback of the Day

Throwback of the Day – Apple II Macintosh Computer

Im not even gonna beat around the bush, the Apple II and Apple IIe was about two things and two things only:

1. Oregon Trail
2. Number Munchers

My friends were sick at Number Munchers.  My whole crew owned the top scores leader board and they used to compete to see who could keep the top spot.

For Sure Prime Numbers

Number Munchers was not my expertise…my friends were sitting around yelling at each other about a frog eating prime numbers and multiples of 4 while i was hooking up with chicks on the black top dazzling them with my Oregon Trail war stories.

Oregon Trail quite possibly could be the most universal common ground amongst people ages 21 to 30.  I could literally write an entire book about my life on the covered wagon via the Apple IIe.

Did you know you got triple the points at the end of the Trail if you chose to be a farmer or carpenter as your profession?  FUCK that shit I was always a banker. Gimme that cash money bitch I gotta get my family to Independence Rock!

My wagon was not for any bitch made punks.  I set my pace to grueling, and I laughed at the thought of resting.  Jake died of a snake bite? DON’T CARE lets keep it movin.  Sarah has dysentery?  BIG DEAL I get dysentery every day.  An ox got sick and died?  Well looks like the other one is pulling this shit by himself.

Do you know what my favorite thing to put on my tombstone whenever I died? Yea niether do I cuz i never fucking died I always made it to Oregon.

If you ever paid to take a ferry across a river, you are a pussy. Caulk that shit 9 times out of ten, and on the tenth throw caution to the wind and ford that shit. And that last river, I can’t rememberthe name of it, was about 100 miles wide.  It felt like an eternity to cross that…and if your shit broke apart at the very end you most likely ended up in the principal’s office for screaming expletives at the screen.

Seriously tho, was the Apple II good for anything but these games? Like was there even a word processor or any sort of practical use for them?  I think there was some clip art on there, but the only shit I can remember doing was playing these games.

Find a better computer than the Apple IIe?




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