FSN Rookie of the Year and MVP

Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player 2007 – Megan Fox

After catching the attention of scouts everywhere with her performance in High School, Megan Fox was recruited heavily by ABC to start as Sydney Shanowski on the show Hope & Faith alongside Kelly Ripa and that goofy broad from Murphy Brown.  Friends and family urged the smokeshow to forgo college and declare herself eligible for the draft and go directly to the pros. In a 2004 press conference, Fox shocked the world when she declared she would, in fact, attend Hope and Faith and take the roleof Sydney:

For Sure Always Hot

Years later, Fox would call this the best decision of my life.  ”Kelly Ripa taught me how to be stupendously hot.  Without her smokeshow guidance, I can’t confidently say I would have grown into the impossibly hot sex kitten that I am today.”

In her Junior season at Hope and Faith, rumors began to swirl that she accepted gifts from boosters such as Brian Austin Greene.  (Note: although no allegations were ever proven, Fox does have a tattoo of the washed up 90210 star’s face right next to her Pharaoh’s Tomb.) Fox decided to forgo her senior year and jump straight into the pros.

Director Michael Bay traded up in the 2007 draft in order to land the All American as the role of Mikaela Banes in the blockbuster “Transformers.”  Fox burst on the scene in unprecedented fashion.  The shot in Transformers where she is under the hood fixing the car is described by some execs as “legendary.”

For Sure Mechanic

Fox dominated the Hollywood scene, and not even half way through 2007
it was all but guaranteed she would be dubbed Rookie of the Year. The young actress was not done there however.  Fox followed up her performance on the Big Screen with photo shoots that are so fucking hot I’m still not convinced she’s a real person.

As the year concluded, there were whispers that Fox could potentially win the Most Valuable Player award.  A late push from her blonde haired competitor Marisa Miller made the award the most debated in league history.


In the end however, Fox sealed her victory with her GQ cover with the lollipop. She became the first to win Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same season since Wilt Chamberlain in 1960.  Many Marisa Miller fans were saddened by the outcome, but one exec summed it up the best: “It was like Magic or Bird in the 80s, you couldn’t go wrong either way.”

On a serious note, Megan Fox is like “ruin your life to bang her” hot.

For Sure Ruin



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