This is Uncle Majic and his brother Shock-Kim.  He’s the motherfuckin Hip Hop Magician! According to his commercial, he’s the magician all the celebrities go to for their kids’ birthday parties.  And we’re talking mega-celebrities like Mike Epps, Karl Kani, and even Allan Houston.

According to his “About Me,” It’s not just his Hip Hop sensibility that seperates Uncle Majic from the others. He can make a building “disappar,” he can make it snow in the summertime, and the only thing that distinguishes him from David Blaine is a few thousand dollars.

At one point in your life do you decide: Yes, being a hip hop magician is the thing for me.  Let me get Allan Houston on the line and convince him to hire me to mystify his son with hip hop wizardry.

Uncle Majic, For Sure Kill Yourself


~ Shout out to dumpy dump


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